About Nekudat Zion

A collection of stories creating a digital social montage of the Israel Defense Forces' heritage

For every Israeli, military service is a life-changing experience.
Every man and woman who serves in the IDF carries a memory, a significant "point of reference", or Nekudat Zion.
Together, we all make up this endless mosaic of stories representing Israel’s legacy.

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Credit: Igal Slavin

A Sense of Purpose

Nekudat Zion is a dynamic digital social platform documenting and connecting the significant moments of generations of men and women who served in the IDF.

The IDF is a melting pot, a unifying institution that links all Israelis who serve. This includes the spectrum of Israeli society (across genders, religious beliefs, socio-economic status, politics, etc).

The time each of us spends serving in the IDF builds in us a resilience, a set of values, tools, and skills that escort us for the rest of our days - in our personal, professional, and social life.

There are about 3.5 million men and women who have served in the IDF. Each of them has a personal, unique and significant story from their time in the military service that changed their life and transformed them as a person.

Connection, Solidarity, & Understanding

Our Vision is to impact Israelis and Jews around the world through the democratization of the heritage of the IDF.

1. To strengthen and preserve the heritage and collective memory of IDF soldiers across cultural & demographic backgrounds, and classifying & conserving them from generation to generation.

2. To educate and increase awareness of the Legacy of the IDF among Israeli citizens and Jews across the Diaspora, amongst youth in particular, regarding the kaleidoscope of IDF experiences and its legacy while providing a platform for the spectrum of voices and preventing the takeover of IDF discourse by interested parties.

3. To provide social and community involvement at the local level, connecting youth to IDF veterans within their communities, making the IDF heritage accessible to all.

4. To leverage innovation and creativity to augment the user experience and provide a smart platform for the preservation and accessibility of the heritage.

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Credit: Igal Slavin

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Credit: Igal Slavin

A Digital Mosaic of Israeli Society

Until now, memories of IDF soldiers were dispersed across many locations on and off-line, in a variety of formats, without a searchable repository for the full range of experiences.

In addition, recollections and stories of aging veterans, who served during some of the most critical periods in the IDF’s history, are in danger of disappearing forever.

The Nekudat Zion platform provides an organized and comprehensive framework, putting soldiers’ stories in a much larger context from a personal, social, and historical perspective, ensuring that generations of youth in Israel and across the world can experience the IDF legacy.